Thursday, September 25, 2008

Almost Six Weeks

Post-bath.  I have to comb her hair carefully so it doesn't stay that way.  Look how red it looks! In person it still looks mostly just brown, thought it is obviously and considerably lighter than it was when she was born.  When the light hits it right (and the camera light hits it just right, apparently), it is definitely reddish. 
My mother specifically requested a picture of her unswaddled and in "one of her pretty outfits." The above is what Maisie thought about that.
Smiling -- at either her elephant or me. 
Hey YOU.
Either looking toward Fiona or staring at the ceiling fan.  She's a big fan of the fan.

Sometimes I have to stop myself from picking her up while she is sleeping just so I can kiss her or smell her head.  She is hard to resist. 


Hannah said...

I want to smell her head. Smell her head as much as you want. Before you know it her head will smell like sweat, bubbles, and paint (at least that's what Nathan's head smelled like when I put him down for his nap today) and you'll miss that newborn smell.

Anonymous said...

She is just gorgeous. She looks just like you!! I am so glad things are going well and love reading the blog. I clearly remember the time ML and I had by ourselves once all our family left. We got in a routine of her sleeping on my chest during the day cause I just wanted to hold her all the time! You are doing a great job.

Blakely said...

She is unbelievably precious! I love the white dress picture and the commentary!

Marjorie said...

It's Marj from MATH here -- your Maisie looks lots like my Jane (3.5 months), esp with the brown hair getting lighter and looking reddish at times. We think it will be blond eventually as both Jim and I were very fair as kids but it's funny to see it go through red on its way there.

Love the white dress!