Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Six-Month Check Up

Maisie's six-month well check was this afternoon and it was an adventure. I woke up yesterday fighting a cold, went to bed last night with chills and muscle aches, and woke up at 3 a.m. feeling like I had been run over by a semi. I just knew it was the honest-to-goodness flu, so Jake worked from home today so I could recuperate and limit Maisie's exposure to my plague. I stayed in bed and watched Party of Five episodes on Hulu, which would have been kind of luxurious if I had not been hacking, aching, sneezing, unable to breathe, feeling guilty that Jake had to stay home, and missing being able to hold my baby. However, I feel considerably better now (not well, but a lot better) so I think it's just a cold and not the actual flu. In any event, Jake took Maisie to her well-check because we figured all those children at the pediatrician's office didn't need my germs, nor did I need to catch whatever else is sure to be floating around there.

Thankfully, Maisie is recovered from her last cold (current mild stuffiness? "Just boogers," according to our doctor) and has recovered from her ear infection (though she did still have a little fluid in her ears, so if she runs a fever, we will bring her in, which we would have done anyway). She was deemed a perfectly healthy, developmentally on target little girl who is also impossibly tall. She's 29 1/4 inches (good thing we got that convertible car seat) and weighs 18 lbs., 6 oz. Her weight percentile has dropped slightly, but she is still off-the-charts for length. We expect that she will plateau soon and her pediatrician predicted that she will just stop growing for a few months in the very near future.

I always like taking her to the doctor and getting a reassuringly clean bill of health, and we do not take it for granted. It's a relief that she's fine and that I am recovering from my own ailment. We're anxious to get back to normal tomorrow. I missed her today when I was quarantined!


blog1 said...

She is precious. I will throw in my two cents (from the mother of a really tall child). Mary Miles was over 9 pounds when she was born. She was off the charts from that point forward. The pediatrician kept telling me the same- that she would level off. At two, they do some sort of equation that predicts how tall they will be as adults. Mary Miles' said 6 '1. She is still REALLY tall and she is four. The weight did level out (she is a bean poll). The only bad news- our next was a boy and he is even taller. Who knows where these tall kids come from! I wish you lived close and I would lend you some of our "tall" girl clothes. Take care, Molly Lee

Nora said...

I just checked Powe's stats from his six month visit to see how they compare and Maisie was a full inch taller and pound heavier! And he is in the 95th percentile in height so she must literally be off the charts. Hope you're feeling better!

Jake said...

Having seen the growth chart, Nora, I can verify that she is, in fact, way off the chart for height. Way off. The Dr. said that we definitely should expect her to plateau soon.

Brent said...

GRIN! Parenting is such an adventure... I'd commend you to start contacting WNBA scouts, only I recall your husbands athletic, err, ability from our younger years. Maybe not. GRIN!!!

susanne said...

I think an update is overdue!