Sunday, April 19, 2009

Miss Maisie

Telling secrets with Powe at lunch on Easter. They love each other!

Sidenote: I tend to take the most pictures when we are playing in the morning, when she is either still in her pajamas or in her going-to-the-grocery-store play clothes. This weekend I sent a bunch of these pictures to my mom, who helpfully suggested that, "You know, Emilie, now that it's warm, you could just let her wear those smocked dresses I got her as her every day clothes, just to play in." Point taken. Pictures in her southern-girl wardrobe will be forthcoming... eventually.


Elizabeth said...

Emilie, she is absolutely adorable! What a beautiful little girl! I'm so glad you updated, because you know I've been wondering... :) Too cute!

Hannah said...

Nathan really likes these pictures but says, "No, no!" every time he sees Maisie with the wallet!