Sunday, July 26, 2009

More Words

I really have to start watching my language. In addition to repeating all kinds of random things, Maisie seems to bust out with new words every couple of days now. This week, she started saying "milk" ("mih"), "up," "woof woof" ("woowoowoo") and "baby." "Baby" was a big surprise. We were at Jake's parents' house over the weekend (they watched her while we went to our friends' wedding elsewhere in NC last night) and yesterday morning we were playing on the floor. Jake's childhood Cabbage Patch Kid (Isaac, in a baseball uniform, looking much more pristine than any of my own baby dolls are these days) was sitting on a table. Maisie looked up, pointed toward the Cabbage Patch Kid, and said, "Baby." It was unmistakable, plus she then said it about five more times as she dragged Isaac around.

Her Papa also reported that she said "balloon" while they were keeping her. I haven't heard that one yet but I don't doubt that she said it. She loves balloons and we talk about them a lot, considering they are plentiful at our grocery stores and we hit the grocery store at least twice a week.

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