Friday, May 16, 2008

Miss Jackson Has More Pictures for You

MJ, her daddy, and me (27 weeks).

MJ's daddy, me (26 weeks), MJ, and my cousin Ben.  My college friends might remember that we used to refer to him as "Baby Ben," because when I went away to college, I always had lots of pictures of him.  He was almost five then.  Yeah, he's seventeen now.  Two other things to note about this picture:  look how wide I am!  Also, and I don't want to embarrass any men who might read this site, but I now appear to have breasts.  Those are new.  I never had those before.

Margaret, me, Susan, and Susan's Caroline.

Me, Betsy, Susan, and Susan's daughter Caroline.

Me, Mama, and Margaret's daughter Hannah.


dana said...

I've never been so sad to have to be going to the prom this weekend. I hope you guys are having a fabulous time!

You, of course, look stunning. Your mother is also looking simply amazing. Your baby has taken a swim in a deep gene pool of beauty AND brains.

Brent said...

Embarrased man definitely got a chuckle out of your, err, ummm , additions...

The Comers said...

Em, i've decided that you need to put a playlist on one of your blogs. you're way cooler than i am and definitely more in the know about great music. so, yes, i think you should send an unreasonable amount of time creating a playlist and linking it. like me. but yours will be SO much better. and MJ would love it, too.