Monday, June 30, 2008

Miss Jackson Has a New Ride

MJ's stroller and car seat arrived today, and I am just about beside myself with excitement. I was worried that the car seat was a different color than I wanted but thankfully that was not the case. It's just as adorable as I remembered and is, in fact, the right color. (What color, you ask? Well, her stroller and its bassinet attachment are orange with red piping, and there is a car seat that matches that is also orange and red... but when I was in Charleston, I found one that was not only orange and red but had patterned flowers on it. So cute. Sold! Then when it came today, the box made it look hot pink and lo, I was worried... but no. It has some pink in it, but it definitely has the orange and red that match the stroller and bassinet. And with that description, I realize it sounds hideous, but I promise it's not. At least not to me.) (Edit: Okay -- here is a picture of it, because I re-read my description and indeed, it sounded gross. It's cuter in person, too.)

The stroller was the one piece of baby gear that Jake got really involved in selecting, so while he is probably not as worked up about its arrival as I am, he's pretty stoked too. We walk and metro enough places and will be trekking over rough Capitol Hill sidewalks enough that we needed a stroller that was both sturdy and light, and of course I wanted one that was cute, too. And orange or green. For some reason, I really wanted one that was orange or green. (Hey -- it's arbitrary but I'm not that embarrassed. Safety and quality first, but aesthetics matter too.)

With the delivery of her car seat, I think most of the big things are done and we could safely and happily bring her home tomorrow! She has a place to sleep (actually several -- we're not sure what we're doing about that yet. Crib right away? Moses basket in our room? The stroller's bassinet attachment? Unclear... but surely one of those will work, right?), a way to get home from the hospital, and some diapers. That's pretty much all babies need, right?


The Comers said...

we went with moses basket in the guest room for a few weeks, and sometimes in our bed with us. worked pretty well. i just can't wait to meet her!

and for whatever reason, i'm into green, hot pink and orange right now. go figure.

Hannah said...

What stroller did you get?

We did the pack and play in our room but if we'd had a stroller bassinet or moses basket that probably would have worked better. Most babies really like confined spaces at that point.

Emilie said...

We got the Quinny Buzz and so far we love it (though I have only strolled my pocketbook around in it as of now).

I love the idea of the pack and play in our room, but our room is too teeny for that. No room for a pack and play. Basically I think we have decided to try the bassinet on the floor and just hope Sammy and Fiona don't try to crawl in there with her. Ha.