Wednesday, June 16, 2010

22 Months

Last night, reading a lift-the-flap book, upon discovering a missing flap she had torn out once upon a time:

Maisie: Dis ripped.

Me: Yeah, you ripped that out a long time ago.

Maisie: Dis ripped.

Me: Yep.

Maisie: Dis ripped. We need a refill. We gotta get another one. We go to Target.


In the car everyday as soon as we hear some pop song Maisie likes:



Eating lunch one day last week:

Me: Maisie, what fruit do you want with lunch? An apple?

Maisie: Strawberries.

Me: We're out of strawberries. What do you want instead?

Maisie: Strawberries.

Me: You ate all the strawberries. We don't have anymore. How about some grapes?

Maisie: Mo' strawberries.

Me: There aren't any more strawberries. They're all gone.

Maisie: Strawberries all gone.

Me: Right.

Maisie: Get new ones.


Just before dinner one evening:

Me: Maisie, it's time for supper.

Maisie: Grapes?

Me: Sure, you can have some grapes. And you're having ravioli. Ravioli and some grapes.

Maisie: No ravioli and grapes. Want GRAPES and grapes.


One morning when the Today show was on in the background:

Maisie: Dat Obama! Hey, Obama! How you doin', Obama?

(Sure enough, I looked up and she was right.)


One morning after Jake returned from a business trip:

Maisie: Daddy went Seattle! Daddy came back! Daddy home! Yay, Daddy!


I have no idea what she weighs or how tall she is, but I know she's grown. She's outgrown her sandals (now wearing a 7 1/2) and I only buy her size 3T clothes now. My baby's almost two!

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