Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Here's What Maisie Looks Like

First picture ever -- minutes old!  Please look at the cheeks and the double chin.  --

Maisie on her birth day -- the hair! --   

Whoa!  Everything is new when you're a baby. 

We think she looks like my dad in this one. 

Hi!  I'm 48 hours old.  


Anonymous said...

She is adorable and i LOVE the name. I have really enjoyed keeping up with you on the blog. Thanks for posting the pictures. Keep them coming and enjoy her.

-Lindsey Bonds

Emily said...

She is just precious!!!

Ariail said...

She is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

She already has so much personality and is so alert! I know she'll be brilliant and funny just like her parents. She's really precious. Congratulations.
Ashley Heslop

Chappell said...

Wow Emilie! She's precious and the name is great. It was worth the wait to hear it. I hope you are feeling well and getting settled in at home. Congratulations to you and Jake!

Jennifer said...

She is absolutely beautiful! I love love love her chubby cheeks! Congratulations again!

Hannah said...

I want to eat her. Soo adorable.

Anonymous said...

Emilie, she's so beautiful!! I want to hold her so badly I can't stand it!!