Thursday, August 21, 2008

One More...

Here is one more for now. So far, the general consensus is that she looks like a Greene. I look just like my dad and sometimes when Maisie makes a serious face, Jake says that she looks like a little Jim clone. My dad and I also have the same weird feet and Maisie is already our identical foot triplet. Lucky for her, she is much, much prettier than I was as a newborn. I was splotchy and red and not so cute.

We think we can already see the blonde underneath all that dark hair. I had hair that dark when I was born, too, though not that much of it.


blakely said...

Emilie, she is beautiful!!! She is totally a Greene! I just want to hug her!

I know your parents are over-the-moon excited!

The Comers said...

eeautiful girl! i love her cheeks.

by the way, tag, you're it. see my blog for the rules and take the challenge, if you date. hugs, nic