Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Baby Names

Probably my favorite baby-related things to talk about before I got pregnant were baby names. I could then, and can still, talk about baby names for ages.  We had a girl baby name picked out for, well, years, before recently deciding against it in part because of the aforementioned "northerners might not go for a double name" thing.  (Totally fine, because I like our new baby name even better anyway.)  

But, while I love talking about baby names, we've decided to keep Miss Jackon's name a secret until she gets here.  (We're calling her Miss Jackson in the meantime because I didn't like referring to her as a bean or a bell pepper or the fetus or any of those things, and really, is there a funnier name for an unknown, in utero baby than "Miss Jackson"?  I don't think so, considering our last name isn't Jackson.  Our male equivalent was "Sheriff Taylor," and I liked that one enough that I still refer to her as Miss Sheriff Taylor a lot too.  I know.  We are total, total dorks.)  We figure that because we already know she is a girl, it will be just a tad more exciting for everyone else to have at least one mystery upon delivery, other than her weight, which is really not that interesting to third parties unless the baby is exceptionally large (please don't be exceptionally large, Miss Jackson!).  

The only problem with the "name is a secret" thing is that, well, I'm not so good at keeping secrets, at least not my own.  I can keep other people's secrets just fine -- I promise!  I am so trustworthy! -- but when it comes to stuff about me, I'm an open book.  Plus, I love, love, love her name so much that I want to go telling everyone about it already.   I'm going to try to resist, though.  And don't try to guess what it is, either, because I am really bad at that game and Jake gets mad at me because I give too many hints. 


Julie said...

Come on, just one hint???

Emily said...

Yay! A new baby blog to read! :)

Head Lima Bean said...

ditto on the secret. i'm too easily influenced by others...secrecy was the only way to go for us. glad there's a new blog in town!