Thursday, April 17, 2008

Miss Jackson Feels Enormous, and Warm.

So, several weeks ago, I was so ready to be visibly pregnant, with an obvious baby bump, and not just feel large and in charge.  When my belly popped out, I was delighted.  (It felt like it happened suddenly over the course of like three hours, which was surprising but wonderful.) And I still love feeling and looking pregnant, but Nora and I were just emailing yesterday about how on earth are we going to get four months larger?  I am still comfortable now -- I'm not having trouble sleeping or getting up off the sofa or getting in the car or anything, but I also can't really imagine getting progressively bigger and bigger and BIGGER over the next sixteen weeks.  I told Nora I supposed I would just wear pajama pants all the time and slip on a muumuu when I was forced to leave the house.  I'm not complaining, I promise -- just sort of wondering, I guess, what it's going to be like.  

Actually, the muumuu will probably be necessary not just for fit but for coolness.  Today is the first day it has actually been truly warm and springlike, and I was already absolutely burning up (unusual for me) even though I only had on jeans, flats, and short sleeves.  Is Miss Jackson part furnace?  Being hugely pregnant in July should be interesting.  Thank goodness for flip-flops.


Elizabeth said...

Not to scare you because everyone is different... but my ankles were so incredibly swollen with James that flip flops were all I could wear! It was sad! I'd bring my heels in the car so that when I went into court I could stuff my feet in my heels. Sad, but true :)

And... guess what? We're announcing it soon, but we're expecting Number 3! Yikes!!

Hannah said...

I was so glad to be in Southern California because I could wear flip flops in February and March. Flip flops and sundresses or flip flops and gaucho pants with tank tops.

The one nice thing about being pregnant is you can be as slouchy as you want, and regardless of what you are wearing if you put on lip gloss people think you're totally put together.