Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Miss Jackson's Daddy is Funny

Jacob has come up with some real gems this week.  

Jacob, staring at me in a nightgown that displays my prominent baby bump:  "Wow.  You're all the way pregnant." 

Me: "Some people think pregnant women look beautiful." 

Jacob: "Yeah, it's beautiful.  In a National Geographic sort of way." 


Jacob, staring/wincing at Miss Jackson, who was visibly squirming through my stomach: "Sick! ...  I mean, beautiful."


Jacob, staring at me while we were walking home from dinner tonight: "I believe your gait has changed."

Thanks, honey. 

UPDATE:  One more from tonight.  Scene:  we're sitting on the sofa staring at my stomach, watching Miss Jackson move.  After a particularly violent kick on my left side, Jake leans down and says, "Hey, [Miss Jackson's Real Name].  Stay put for now, but for future reference, that's not the way out.  The way out is DOWN."

Also, if we can spend this much time watching, feeling, and discussing her move while she's in utero, what in the world are we going to do when she is on the outside?  I guess we will have to take time out from talking about how cute the dogs in order to stare at MJ.


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Julie said...

Wait 'til he sees you give birth. Josh said he can't look at me in quite the same way :)

Brent said...

Too TOOOO funny! I think Jake learned some of that charm growing up with me... I tend to unthinkingly say similar phrases to my wife... So happy for you both!