Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Our First Two Babies

I couldn't very well start a baby blog without posting pictures of our two poodles.  This beauty is our four-year-old standard poodle Fiona.  She went to a new groomer last week who told me that Fiona is "quite the little lady."  Indeed.  Fiona's current favorite things are: cookies, cheese, being complimented by strangers on the street, keeping watch from our living room window, and her stuffed toy Larry the Lobster.
This is our toy poodle, Little Sammy.  We've had him for five years and we estimate that he is probably at least eleven.  He has a lot of health problems and some personality issues, but we think he is the greatest.  Sammy enjoys: his bed, his other bed, our bed, his red sweater (after it is put on him and before it's taken off), and hotel rooms.

We have been trying to warn them that soon there will be another human in our 1000-square-feet* of cozy home, but we don't think they get it yet.  

*We love, love, love our house, but D.C. housing was definitely another culture shock.  Our old (modest) house in Columbia had room to spare, whereas here we only have two (small) bedrooms and one (tiny) bathroom.   The great thing about a small space, though, is that we love every inch of it and it's inspiring us to be more organized and stream-lined every day.  (And our two bedrooms and one bath are so cute!)  Our baby girl won't grow up playing in this yard very much or riding bikes in the middle of the street, but she will have a park three blocks away and a view of the Capitol building.  Trade-offs!

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Brent said...

Poodles and babies... Oh my, the classic adversaries. Worse even than the Yankees and the Red Sox, or the Democrats and the Republicans... Well, not THAT bad!
GRIN! I am sure all will get along...