Sunday, April 27, 2008

Miss Jackson is Making Me Senile

I guess before I got pregnant that I had heard of "pregnancy brain," where you forget things a lot, but I hadn't experienced it in full force until recently.  Yesterday I can confidently say that I had quite a severe case. 

So, yesterday I had a baby shower/luncheon to attend (not a shower for me).  The shower was at 1, and I was bringing bread and a green salad.  By 12:30, I was dressed, lipsticked, and heading out the door with my food and my shower gift.  I happened to check my cell phone voicemail right before I walked outside and had a message from the hostess.  It was from two hours earlier; she was just checking that I was in fact still bringing the bread and salad and telling me the rest of the menu.  As I hung up the phone, I said out loud to Jake, "That was Emily; I guess she left me the message yesterday but for some reason I didn't get it until this morning."  The reason I thought she left it the day before was because she had said in her message, "See you tomorrow."  I proceeded out the door, accompanied by sweet Jake who was carrying my salad to the car for me (pregnancy has made me clumsier than before, which is to say, really really clumsy).  I was halfway down the block before I paused and thought, you know, I definitely checked my voicemail last night, and Emily definitely said "tomorrow."  I couldn't have the date wrong, could I? 

I stopped on the sidewalk and considered.  I was POSITIVE that the shower was Saturday the 26th.  I had just hung the invitation on the refrigerator that very morning.  Just to be safe, though, Jake suggested we run back inside so I could check the invitation one more time. 

Of course, you see where this is going.  Of course the shower was today, Sunday the 27th, and not yesterday, Saturday the 26th.  I almost showed up 24 hours early to a luncheon.  If Emily had not happened to call and I was not parked a block further away than usual, I would have knocked on Emily's door at 1 sharp and expected a party.  (Luckily I am friends with both the hostess and the guest of honor -- the last two baby showers that I have attended were at virtual stranger's houses and that would have been even more traumatic.)

Pregnancy brain -- in full effect.  Embarrassing party foul -- narrowly averted. 


Jan said...

I have similar things happen to me, and I am not pregnant (at least I hope I'm not!). Guess mine is due to age and the fact that I am not dealing real well with knowing my "baby" is going off to college in a year. Yes, we were on another college tour this past wkend... another visit to Furman! This is definitely his #1 choice.. and we love it!

See you later this week at home!

Brent said...

Early is definitely better than late... And really, whenever YOU show up, that's when the shower ought to be! GRIN!

Hannah said...

My favorite was the time I forgot my ATM PIN- three times in a row, after reprogramming it each time.

Emily said...

Wait for Mommy Brain. Hamilton told me this morning that I was too young to have a "senior moment." I told him it wasn't a senior moment - its the effect of chasing a toddler around all the time! :)